Product description

Round suspended luminaire for the office and home. The lighting element is made of white Corian and is held by four stainless steel cables. A foil cable winds its way from the upper side of the luminaire made of anodised aluminium or brilliantly polished stainless steel up into the canopy. The converter is integrated inside the canopy and allows dimming of the luminaire with 1–10 V or via DALI. Upon request, we will send you a special Nimbus infrared remote control for your Dish with which you can conveniently control or dim the luminaire wherever you happen to be. Maximum suspension length 2300 mm. .

35 W = 200 W Halogen
Ø 600 × 2300 × 14 mm technology, 35 W power supply, 230 V AC
approx. 2640 lm
2700 K
100 % direct beam
-Remote control for Dish suspended luminaire


The new Dish suspended LED luminaire from Nimbus seems to hover almost weightlessly in space. The flat light disc made of high-class white Corian and the matt or brilliant upper visible surfaces lend the luminaire a visual lightness and timeless elegance. The luminaire is supported by fine stainless steel wires. Power is supplied through the paper-thin foil conductor so typical for Nimbus, which hangs down from the rectangular canopy to the luminaire disc. The characteristic conical indentations in the white Corian give the light a special ambience as it shines downward in a very soft beam. The warm-white, cosy light (2700 K) and the pleasant materiality of the white Corian make Dish the perfect luminaire for living and dining areas. The upper visible surface of the luminaire is available in silver-anodised aluminium or brilliantly polished stainless steel. With its integrated converter, the luminaire can be dimmed with 1 to 10 V or by using DALI. Upon request, Dish is also available with a special Nimbus infrared remote control, which allows you to conveniently control and dim the luminaire wherever you happen to be.