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Klassik Ladder System/ Hook Ladder
Klassik Ladder System
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The HANGING LADDER Klassik was developed to enable flexible and fast implementation. This enables the ladder to be used without any problems at multiple shelves or simply to be placed easily into the shelf flat after use or leaned against the wall. This model is especially useful for sales rooms, since it is able to be easily moved from display area to display area.

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Interior design for private or business environments is the result of clear personal decisions for a certain style of design. We understand this, which is why we offer solutions for the vision you have. The basic frame of a ladder depends on its stringers.

If the furnishings are classical, modern, or Scandinavian with a slightly rustic atmosphere, edges that are too hard will seem out of place. Our KLASSIK ladders are ideal in this case. Its stringers are made of stainless tubular steel that may be customised to match any need. Whether with rungs or steps, the finishing process completes the design.