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Vetrina | Glossy P 583
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Product description

Chip / Size
10x10x4 mm

Sheet / Size mm
327x327 mm

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Thinking in color
The energising effect and the positive colour charge: over 100 solid colors in gloss and matt finishes, along with the 42 mixes and 14 shades of the Vetrina collection, are a versatile and flexible tool to create wonderful compositions that express all the luminous depth and charm of a glass mosaic. Every colour comes from a precise reference to the universally recognised Pantone© colour chart, and indispensable tool for architects, designers and professionals. The small size of the chips, 10x10 mm, creates a module with a special texture and fascinating tactility. The explosion of colour in Vetrina enables you to find the exact shade you have in your head, and play with your creativity, starting from a customised mix though the creation of an idea, image or photograph on any size of surface. There are no limits to creativity. Composing a mosaic is like drawing with coloured pencils on a blank sheet of paper. Taking a leading role in the figurative reproductions of the “high resolution” mosaic, the Vetrina collection makes it possible to create compositions where image definition and colour shade gradation communicate the versatility of the glass mosaic with photograpic realism. For unique coverings with a strong personality that emphasise the unstoppable journey taken hand-in-hand with contemporary design.

Technical notes
Glass mosaic consisting of square chips, 4 mm thick, in a 10x10 mm size, mounted on a fiberglass net, forming a sheet measuring 327x327 mm in which the chips are placed approximately 0.9 mm apart. Shades and mixes are composed of chips from the same collection, in random percentages and arrangements. In order to grout the sheets containing matt chips, we recommend the use of cement grout.