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Studio Double Visions Underworld
Studio Double Visions
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VE.0A83 Underworld
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Wall coverings-Wall mosaics >
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Custom projects turn the mosaic concept into reality. From thought to fulfilment.

Even industrial mosaics have the ability to speak the language of art. Public areas, hotels, concept stores, small and large private areas ... there are no limits to creativity. Creating a mosaic is like drawing on a blank page with coloured pencils. In some projects the support and experience of master mosaic artists at Mosaico+ is pivotal in assessing all technical aspects, from the study of the design to the modularity of the sheets, from the installation surfaces to the supply of skilled labour to ensure state-of- the-art execution.

“Double” in this context refers to a layering of planes of perception: design and technical skill plus creativity and imagination, two meanings bound together like the two sides of a sheet of paper, giving rise to a work in progress project. Photographic images and mosaic creations speak the language of fairytales, the plane of reality and that of illusion meet to become crystallized in an emotion. The expression of nature is like an outline that crosses femininity symbolically, uniting yet again different double visions.