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Alexandria A
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Wall coverings-Wall mosaics >
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Product description

Bisazza glass mosaic pattern, 10x10 mm tiles.

Product variants


Influences from Nature and floral motifs inspire the new mosaic patterns by Tricia Guild, authoritative designer, creative director and founder of the British firm, Designers Guild. New decorative options characterized by an explosion of bright, sophisticated prints that lend this collection a refined, poetic air.
Alexandria features a cascade of flowers in over-sized format and delicate shades of color that stands out against a pastel grey background, transforming the wall into an English garden in full bloom, like a painting.
Acanthus leaves are the sole motif in Ardassa, and their larger-than-life size creates a spellbinding atmosphere, reminiscent of an exotic oasis of exquisite beauty. The design is available in two versions: ivory and emerald green.
Charlottenberg is also botanically-inspired. Here, a series of elegant flowers, like peonies, interpreted in unique shades of blue and grey, unfolds against a white background, revealing their romantic nature. In the Charlottenberg One pattern, the same floral motif is revisited in extra-large size as the only decorative element against a solid-color background, launching a new way to customize interior spaces.

“I am delighted that Bisazza have chosen to translate some of our iconic designs into their stunning mosaic works of art. Their inimitable expertise is evident in their interpretation of our patterns and they have captured the hand painted subtleties of the originals in a truly extraordinary way.
I am excited and thrilled in equal measure by the results." Tricia Guild