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A family dining chair
Mila’s basic properties are its transparency and lightness of weight. Seen from the front, the seat is an inverted U-shape which takes up no volume in relation to the backrest. Seen from the side, this U-shape does display volume, while the backrest shows none. Thus a perfect balance is achieved between these two perspectives that lends the chair its vivacity. The seat design succeeds in providing luxury seating comfort which, despite appearances, has sufficient volume to accommodate a high-quality polyurethane seat.  

The base of Mila can be delivered in brushed aluminium, high gloss chrome or matt black.  

New wooden legs
The proportions are beautiful and now with the wood legs, the chair will be even warmer and more acceptable for residential use.

Veneered alloy legs in walnut, ash white or oak, white oil.

Mila in three versions  
Mila is available in different versions:
Mila, a dining chair with a straight comfortable back;
Mila A, a wider dining chair with a straight back and armrests;
Mila B, a wider dining chair without armrests.

Mila is available in the following dimensions (w x d x h):
Mila: 51 x 54 x 84 cm
Mila A: 54 x 56 x 87 cm
Mila B: 54 x 56 x 87 cm
Seat height: 46 cm