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The ‘Back me up’ is available with leather and fabric upholstery. The dining room chair can be upholstered in various ways: 1. Uni: both the seat and back in the same upholstering. 2. Combination seat - front/rear backrest: The seat and front backrest have the same upholstery, the rear backrest has different upholstery

Walnut, oak white oiled or oak carbon.

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The BACK ME UP is a design that delivers on its promise: supporting you in your day-to-day life. The chair’s organic back gives you a friendly welcome and gently springs along with your movements. The high-quality foam of its seat and back provide a surprising amount of comfort, precisely there where it’s most needed, without sacrificing clean edges in the upholstery. Discover this contemporary chair that brings together unique design and modern seating comfort. The BACK ME UP is a friend for life.

With the Back Me Up Lounge and Salon versions, Arian Brekveld puts a contemporary spin on the voluminous club chair. The whispered design gives you room to breathe both physically and mentally. Wherever the chairs are placed, they invite relaxation. Their seating and slightly raised backs offer a surprising amount of comfort, while the elegant armrests are happy to support you — even if you're working on your laptop or tablet.

The BACK ME UP chairs, benches, easy chairs and table deliver on their promise: supporting you in your day-to-day life. Combine different chairs and benches from the Back Me Up line, for example around the dinner table. The raised back creates unity and gives way to a controlled game of lines. Enhance this graphic effect with your choice of colours and materials.