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1160 x 370 mm

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„Ecce Lumen“, Latin for „behold the light“, shifts the boundaries of decorative lighting towards the architectural. This trimless recessed wall lighting concept has unprecedented narrative qualities as it suggests the presence of a more ancient architectural past behind today’s modern architecture. Ecce Lumen subtly reminds us of the inspiring relationships between the present and the past - a past represented by reproductions of brightly colored antique wall paintings, and lit by state-of-the-art LED technique. As alternative to the frescoes, there is a choice of 9 exquisite decors. Ecce Lumen is available recessed in 5 sizes. Available with LEDs 10 W/14 W/35 W in 3000 K. Lumen from 328 lm/492 lm up to 1230 lm.

LED: 10, 14, 35W LED
LED light color: 3000K
different Decors