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textile softblocks
textile softblocks
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softblocks are a modular system of versatile honeycomb building blocks that can be used alone, or stacked and joined together using magnetic connectors to create partitions and structures of varying heights and shapes, complete with functional surfaces for display, or window like openings. softblocks can bear a useful amount of weight, and can be used to dynamically set up engaging and sculptural partitions, bars, serving tables, display areas, and the like.

305mm (1') tall
610mm (2') tall
915mm (3') tall
1220mm (4') tall
1830mm (6') tall
at various thicknesses

available in translucent white and opaque black
textile softblocks are a modular system of building blocks with embedded magnetic connectors that can be used alone, or stacked and joined together. Like giant stretchy lego blocks, each textile softblock can be expanded up to 4000mm (13’) long and freely shaped and stacked to create richly textured walls up to 3050mm (10’) in height. Functional horizontal surfaces can also be formed within a wall or as a long winding counter/bar. textile softblocks have an abstract sculptural quality and can be readily used to create an entire environment with qualities of soft ambient light and delicate acoustics, or simply used to form a long winding partition, table, or bar.

When backlit with natural or electric light, the translucent white textile softblocks really come to life, as patterns of light and shadow shift with the changing textures created by the pleated surface of the blocks. In a structure made with several textile softblocks, the quality of light intensifies at the horizontal and vertical joints in the wall, the way it would around blocks of snow or ice, creating an ethereal effect of thickness, mass and lightness all at once. softblock structures can support window-like openings and shelf-like ledges.

The honeycomb structure of the blocks is dense enough to support a useful amount of weight. As such, softblocks can be used to display objects, or to create functional surfaces, such as for a bar or buffet, simply by placing a tray or shelf across the honeycomb cells. Lighter items such as fabrics and clothing can sit directly on the honeycomb surface. A glass vase for flowers has also been designed to nest neatly into the honeycomb cells.

textile softblocks are easy to manipulate, able to withstand rough handling, and are water and tear resistant. softblocks can be dusted, vacuumed, and wiped clean with a damp cloth. textile softblocks have a “Class A” fire rating in terms of flame spread and smoke developed, tested under ASTM E84-05 (Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Materials – 2005 Edition). Nevertheless, textile softblocks should always be kept clear of any open flame or heat source. A copy of the certificate of “Class A” fire rating is available upon request.

textile softblocks are available in sizes from 305mm to 1830mm tall, and various thicknesses, and can be stretched between approximately 2000mm and 4000mm (16.5') in length. All softblocks, of any dimensions, whether made of textile or kraft paper material can link to one another using their magnetic connectors. When anchoring to another softblock or a fixed steel surface, the softblocks can be stretched to a usable length of approximately 6000mm.