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float large shallow bowl
float glassware
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float is a line of thermally resistant glassware with simple forms and clean lines that emphasize the expressive colours and charms of the tea, spirits and other liquids within.

The glassware is handcrafted by master glassblowers in the Czech Republic from the finest borosilicate glass, an extremely pure and chemically inert material that is resistant to thermal shock. This allows float to be used safely with boiling hot or icy cold liquids.

The suspended bowl creates a lens of liquid colour, projecting hues of light onto the table below, and insulates your hands from your beverage. When used for a chilled drink, beads of condensation will gather on the underbelly of the bowl, adding delicacy to the optical effect rather than making rings on the tabletop.

float tea lantern, the collection’s signature piece, is a tea pot named for the quality of light transmitted through the tea by the warming candle. The lantern is made with a double glass wall, enclosing a vacuum, to provide thermal insulation. The insulated wall allows for the simple form of a cylinder without a handle—simply hold and pour the way you would a wine bottle.