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float glassware | tea lantern
float glassware | tea lantern
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float is a line of thermally resistant glassware designed with simple forms and clean lines to emphasize the expressive colours and charms of the tea, scotch, juice, etc., served within. The suspended bowl design of each piece creates a lens of liquid colour that projects a play of coloured light onto the table top.

These simple elegant forms belie sophisticated technical innovations and a high level of skill. Each piece of float glassware is crafted by master glassblowers in the Czech Republic from the finest water-clear German borosilicate glass, an extremely pure and chemically inert material that is resistant to thermal shock.

The suspended bowl design also performs the function of insulating the hand from the beverage. When used for a chilled drink, small beads of condensation will accumulate on the underbelly of the bowl, adding delicacy to the optical effect (rather than making rings on your table top). The float tea lantern, the signature piece of the collection, is made with a double glass wall, which encloses a vacuum, creating a thermally insulating space to maintain a hot or icy cold serving temperature. This allows the tea vessel to maintain the simple form of a cylinder, to be held and poured directly without the added appendage of a handle. With the tea light candle lit below the tea lantern, the ambient light, together with the colour, fragrance and steam of the tea, transcends the pragmatic to create a space and an engaging experience.

float glassware is packaged in efficient, fully recyclable / reusable hard-walled cardboard tube packaging. As each piece is hand crafted, minor variations do exist, but quality and functionality are maintained across all of our pieces.

float tea lantern regular
float tea lantern small

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1000ml / 34 US fl.oz
500ml / 17 US fl.oz

available in clear, or translucent fritted glass

use for hot tea, cold tea, as a pitcher for lemonade, sangria, as a decanter for red wine...

“The tea lantern by Todd MacAllen and Stephanie Forsythe is clearly a model of product design in the great tradition of Mies and Jacobsen. The Canadian designers have used latest glass technology to create a transparent teapot with an integral vacuum jacket, which conserves heat and allows the simple cylinder to be picked up by hand.”

The Architectural Review, ar+d awards 2002 - highly commended

Forsythe and MacAllen designed the tea lantern in 2001, as part of a study to create simple and beautiful objects designed of only a single material. Their inspiration for the tea lantern was the idea of such an object defining an intimate place of gathering, or contemplation, through qualities of light, warmth, fragrance and taste.

Although simple in form, the float tea lantern and cups do require great precision and skill to produce. Each piece is carefully hand crafted by master glassblowers using the highest quality water-clear borosilicate glass. This material is heat resistant, chemically resistant and inert, meaning that the tea lantern will not alter the purity of the tea being steeped inside; the perfect material for the perfect cup of tea.

The large tea lantern will comfortably serve up to four, whereas the small tea lantern is perfect for more personal size servings of your favorite hot or chilled drink. The fritted versions have been glazed with a borosilicate frit, which creates a luminous translucent finish. When the tea light candle is lit, the fritted tea lantern glows with a mysterious diffuse quality of light. The fritted glassware is a delight to both see and touch. Fritted glassware should be washed by hand with a soft cloth.

Each tea lantern comes complete with lid, tea infuser, and tea candle holder, all made from glass.