Product description

Handbrushed aluminium

2 LED, ca. 13 Watt, 12V, ca. 2700 Kelvin, ca. 890 Lumen > 85 CrI/ra, > 50.000 Std./hrs

Product family


Pendant lamp, LED light, touchless sensor control

Reduction, clear geometry and rectilinear shapes are the design principles of LEDICUS FLAT. Despite the required surface for heat dissipation the flat shape of the luminaire body enables an elegant and subtle impression. The use of recyclable aluminium for the body guarantees an optimal heat management and long lifetime of the LED. The light intensity can be controlled via touchless sensor on the luminaire body’s lower surface. LEDICUS comes as one head or multiple head suspension lamp in hand-brushed or high-gloss white lacquered aluminium. The width-adjustable suspension lamp LEDICUS is an unique solution for the illumination of pull-out tables.