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Elevenfive 08*
Elevenfive 08*
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Bruno Fattorini >
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Storage/Shelving-Wall storage systems >
Multimedia furnitu...-Multimedia sideboards >


Elevenfive 08 is the evolution of the successful system designed in 2004 by Bruno Fattorini.

Unrivalled protagonist in the 08 version is the non-colour. Total white for a rigorous visual image, strong identity and elegance.
The equipped wall system Elevenfive 08, conceived to incorporate any audio/visual device, flat screens included, is a functional furniture solution which meet the aesthetic requirements of the most modern ambience.

The system is made up of a few primary elements - panels, hanging cabinets with doors, drawers or large drawers and shelves.
Wall panels made of MD wood fibreboards, shelving units made of “LG HI- MAC” a compound of polyester resins mass pigmented in white., Cabinets with frame made of “LG HI- MAC” while doors, fronts and drawers are made from MD wood fibreboards lacquered in white.
Through the combination of these different elements, you can have various highly-functional configurations featuring fully open solutions, or closed off with doors or drawers, and a wide range of accessories, such as decoder holders, and DVD or CD/DVD holders in anodized aluminium.

Large LCD or plasma monitors are housed in an equipped niche with a TV-supporting system: a new extendable arm which lets the screen tilt and turn for an optimal viewing experience in the living area.