Product description

Drawer dividers in black ash tree. Choice of internal accessories for dividers. Tall unit with standard internal finish in Tortora and “Gola” vertical opening. Mak-Stone integrated basin with “Stone” effect. Met units with graduated colours.

Product family


Tender is the new collection of bathroom furniture designed by the Research and Development team in Mastella. “Creating movement” is the expression that better identifies the aim of this collection: - structural movements given by the change in height and depth, asymmetrical elements and open units - colour movements expressed by the introduction of new colours, each with three nuance gradations that create an effect of light and dark.
Ripped woods, front panels with 45 degree edges; basins with height change and floor mirrors are amongst the main features of this collection.

Textured materials, open storage units and asymmetrical structures are enhanced by the warm, natural tones of wood essences and fresh pastel colours. This is the refined style that distinguishes your Tender collection.