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Panta Rei
Panta Rei
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Excellence in materials, surface quality, refined finishes, careful choice of colors and shades. The personalization of the contemporary bathroom environment does not depend solely on the shape and the arrangement of the elements that compose it, but also on the aesthetic characteristics that determine its identity and style. Always attentive to the quality of the details as a fundamental part of the project and the choice of the right material to enhance the essence of the product, antoniolupi extends the range of finishes with which to have its collections of furniture and washbasins. Proposals in line with the main trends of interior design, new tools in the hands of the designer to better interpret the architectural characteristics of the environment and meet the expressive needs of those who live it. Starting from the furniture collection of Pantarei BY Carlo Colombo in which wood makes a comeback with elegant finishes as thermo oak, evaporated oak and walnut. The inimitable nuances of the essences enhance the geometric rigor and the pure lines of the volumes called to a virtuous dialogue with new surfaces and integrated sinks made of quarzomood, the innovative material patented by antoniolupi. After a long period of experimentation, in which the extraordinary resistant characteristics of the quartz-based material have been perfected, the selection of three new colors - serena, terra and seta - allows refined combinations with the new finishes but also with the lacquered versions.