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GRAND CRU SOLITAIRE – ceiling light
GRAND CRU Solitaire
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Interior lighting-Suspended lights >

Product description

The GRAND CRU SOLITAIRE is a light module which can be installed with or without cable. By providing smart solutions which are appart from our classic ring- or canopy chandeliers we provide a lighting solution for any space or ceiling mount which will make your client happy. Of course combinations with the PETIT CRU SOLITAIRE are absolutely feasable.

As a modular design element, this provides you as a planner with many design options: you may either use our standard single light bracket or install your CRU pendant lamps like “stalactites”, directly on the ceiling and without cables or thread the cables through a plasterboard ceiling without using a ceiling bracket. In any case, we provide customised solutions, securing and fastening devices for your new light fittings.

The pendant light can be flexibly and individually adjusted via precisely adjustable cable lengths during on-site assembly. Tin-plated tensile cable with diameter 4.0or 6.3 mm, lengths on demand, maximum cable length is 20 m.

The GRAND CRU SOLITAIRE is also available with “tuneable white” LED modules. “Tuneable white” provides precise colour variation inside the glass bodies by controlling white light between 2.000 and 2.700 k!