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A raised floor is a system of modular elements, constructed dry throughout, used to create floors and pavings. It is a highly effective technology, because it allows the creation of an unbroken utility cavity underneath the floor’s surface, capable of housing all electrical, plumbing, telecommunications and data transmission, heating, air-conditioning and security systems The system consists of a supporting structure and a floor surface that leaves plenty of scope for the architect’s creativity, thanks to the highly versatile assortment of sizes, materials and customisation techniques available. Drawing on its twenty years’ experience in the sector, Marazzi Engineering offers raised floor solutions that deliver outstanding performance in terms of strength and durability, with very high design content.

Marazzi Engineering raised floors offer a series of major advantages:

Indoor floors:
- Swift installation in new buildings and during renovation projects
- Flexible distribution and location of utility and communications systems, with easy inspection
- Low costs in relation to the building’s life cycle
- Design flexibility, allowing rapid changes even during construction
- Maximum versatility if rooms are converted for different purposes
- Can be integrated with other technical finishing structures such as partitions and false ceilings
- High level of stylistic customisation
- Better recouping of investment and tax breaks

Outdoor pavings:
- Excellent drainage
- Better thermal insulation for floors below
- Capability for equipment with lighting, irrigation and security systems