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For the Milan Triennale in 1960, Gio’ Ponti and Alberto Rosselli designed a 4-time curved ceramic brick with shiny surfaces and in different colours. Today Marazzi Tecnica presents its Triennale Project: an open dialogue between past and future, design and industrial production, form and
matter, art and architecture, ceramic and stoneware, dedicated to the projects of today.

In the Progetto Triennale, the form of the ‘four-times curved’ tile by Ponti and Rosselli dialogues with the Marazzi Tecnica Colour Plan Systems. The form hence comes to life in many sizes, colours and surfaces, so that the number of solutions for flooring and wall coverings is virtually infinite.

SystemA: crystallised porcelain
SystemT: porcelain
SystemN: double loading porcelain
SystemL: white-body covering
SystemC: white-body covering

60X93.5 cm Available in SystemA White, Cement, Black.
30x46.5 cm Available in SystemA Lux White, Cement, Black, Ivory, Mud, Yellow, Red, Blue.
30x46.5 cm Available in SystemT Polished White Special, Cement, Dove-Grey, Black.
30x46.5 cm Available in SystemN Pure White, Sand, Black.
15x23.5 cm Available in SystemL White, Grey, Black, Ivory, Dove-Grey, Mud. Surfaces: natural and lux.
10x15.5 cm Available in SystemC White, Cement, Black, Dove-Grey, Amber, Ochre. Red, Amethyst, Turquoise, Blue, Cobalt.

Surfaces: natural and lux.

With the Progetto Triennale, the ‘four-times curved’ tile finally enters all the rooms in the home and contract spaces, both on floors and walls, in infinite patterns of form and colour.