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Blue Space
Blue Space
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Relax, beauty, safety and technology. These features combine to give us Blue Spa.Ce by Marazzi Engineering. A range of ceramic trim tiles for spas and hotel and private pools, tailor-made to deliver complete architectural solutions. Blue Spa.Ce is a flawless combination of efficiency and comfort, rationality and style, allowing the design and construction of pools of different kinds, including spillovers, skimmers and round designs for cascade features. Both the “skimmer” and “spillover” pools created with Marazzi products were finished using the special curved edge and one of the various drainage grids available. The curved edge is also ideal for constructing cascade features as it facilitates creating rounded structures. The coved edge is perfect for creating “skimmer” and “spillover” pools. Complete with internal and external corners, it can be combined with the drainage grid available in various models. All the special pieces of the Blue Spa.Ce line are produced upon request.