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Desk Pad
Desk Pad
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Product description

Our DESK PAD is a high-quality desk pad made of premium cowhide. It is available in two sizes. The natural material quickly absorbs the body temperature, which gives it a nice feel of the surface while working. The leather has a thickness of 3 mm and we use its full substance. This is why the material does not need any artificial additives. Due to its intentionally reduced design, our DESK PAD leaves room for the essential and supports you when you have to focus on work.

100 % leather
leather‘s full substance is used
Dimension: approx. 40 x 60 cm, 50 x 80 cm or 68 x 49 cm
Color: black

Product variants


DESK PAD - Sensual Desk Culture
Our DESK PAD is a high-quality desk pad made of premium butt leather/ sleek leather. Its reduced design blends well with every environment. The leather's special surface, which absorbs the user's body temperature very quickly, has a nice feel. This way also a classy desk made of cool glass turns into a pleasant workplace for example. Special quality characteristic: The leather is made of its full substance and has a thickness of 3 millimeters.
Natural and individual: And of course the leather used for our DESK PADS is certified REACH and guarantees high protection against toxic substances. Upon request we gladly adapt the black standard ornamental seam to your color preference - for example to the colors of your corporate identity.
With our DESK PAD by MANUFAKTURPLUS you will be setting a stylish trend at your workplace.