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Product description

Scoop Light can, while also serving as a planter, brighten up twilight hours, evening and night hours and create an atmosphere, for example, on squares, café environments, terraces or entrances. The planter is well-suited for plant arrangements and smaller trees and shrubs. Scoop Light has received the prestigious Green Good Design Award. “The Green Good Design Award identifies and highlights the world’s most important examples of sustainable design”
Scoop Light fits well with Scopi Seat in the same series.

Scoop is made from rotational molded polyethylene (plastic). The plastic is UV-resistant and withstands all kinds of weather (although not so much a tropical climate) from -30 to + 50 Celsius (not over 60). Fahrenheit -22 to +122 (not above 140). Scoop can be placed both indoors and outdoors. When using indoors a different inner core must be used in Scoop, which does not have holes in the bottom, but that acts as a closed system. This is always made from black recycled plastic.

The light in Scoop Light is a LED light that uses a minimum of energy, which works on 230 V. The electric installation and LED light chain can tolerate moisture, frost and heat. The light chain is fitted at the factory. The light is CE approved according to European standards. The light in the Scoop Light can change to different colours using the remote control that is included. The light can be set to slowly change colour or flash according to needs.

VERSION 1: If Scoop is made in light yellow or white, the light in Scoop can change to 7 different colours; yellow, green, orange, red, turquoise, blue and purple.

VERSION 2: If Scoop is made in yellow, orange or red, the light will intensify the colour of the Scoop.

Weight: approx. 18 kg / 39,7 lbs. (with soil and plant approx. 100-120 kg / 220,5-264,6 lbs.) external dimensions: 97 cm / 38,2 inches in diameter. Height: 65 cm / 25,6 inches. Volume: 65 liters / 17,15 gallons. Internal diameter: 51 cm / 20,1 inches in diameter at the top and 42 cm / 16,5 inches in diameter at the bottom. Planting depth: approx. 40 cm / 15,75 inches. When using indoors a different inner core must be used in Scoop.

F2 bracket is used to fix the Scoop directly to a hard surface. See the mounting instructions.

H1 bracket with wheels, when Scoop is to be mobile. The bracket consists of a standard bracket, as well as 3 wheels and threaded bolts that click firmly to the wheel and are screwed in 3 bushings in Scoop.

F3 and F4 brackets consists of one standard bracket, as well as for F3; 3 x 10 cm long S-brackets and for F4; 3 x 20 cm long S-brackets. The brackets are used if Scoop must have additional fastening or be fixed to a slightly softer material. It is also hidden as it is buried.

The Scoop Family is a robust series that is well-suited to being used and require very little maintenance. If necessary, clean them with soap and water or/and with “rubber and plastic cleaner” on any blemishes. They can easily be cleaned with a pressure washer. Do not clean LED light, controller and remote controlle with water.

Product family


The Scoop Family series paves the way for spending time and social interaction in public spaces. The series consists of the Scopi Seat that is a new concept for seating furniture, as well as the Scoop Planter and as accessories, two different tables; Scopi Table and Scopi Table Top.

The soft and round shapes of the Scoop Family series mean they are very well-suited for parks or playgrounds. At a picnic area or a peaceful location, in large surroundings, like government offices or private workplaces. Here you can enjoy a little coffee break or plan the day. The seats and the planter can be arranged in many different molecular formations.