Bloom Table Lamp - Large

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Glass Sizes: 6" Dia. Colors: Any Kadur Glass options. LED bulbs. The Bloom Table Lamp's igenious design consists of glass, metal, and marble parts. The double glass orb (our Kadur pendant) rests inside a metal half-sphere, which is in turn balanced on another metal half-sphere attached to a round marble base. The lamp is connected to the outlet by a fabric cord that also carries the spherical metal switch. The wsitch was especially engineered to be controlled by touch: through touching it, the lamp can be either turned on or off or even dimmed to the desired brightness.


Designed by our senior engineer, Erno Saller, the Bloom design was inspired by the beautiful metamorphosis of flowers between seed and blossom. Opening up into a higher form takes boldness and vigor, recreated here by the cradling of a blown glass pendant in a brilliant brass half-sphere.

Featuring innovative touch technology, Bloom is an ode to all that’s new and fresh. A simple tap of the spherical brass switch allows you to turn on, turn off, or dim the light.

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Part of the collection TABLE LAMPS.
Manufacturer Shakuff
Family Bloom
Architonic ID 20219656
Order number BL_TBL
Year of Launch 2020

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