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DS Container | Small, red orange RAL 2001
DS Container
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Product description

The little brother of the CONTAINER DS does not have the proportions of a sea container, unlike the archetypal large model – this one is narrower, with identical depth and height. Its area of application is comparably versatile: placed individually as a side table and stacked as a cabinet in the bathroom or other places. We deliver the "little one" with a cover shelf in the respective container colour. In addition, the inner shelf is fitted in the middle, at a distance of two centimetres from the rear wall, with a cable passage of four centimetres in diameter.

With the container, we supply four CONNECTORS for connecting one container to the next. Please make sure that the containers stand straight on a flat surface or be aligned using the height-adjustable ROLLERS, FEET or SUPPORTING FEET to ensure a perfect fit of the door. (You find corresponding sets of four items for the CONTAINER DS series in our range.)

For the CONTAINER DS SMALL, we offer various supplementary articles that further enhance the versatility of the furniture.

Dimensions: outer dimensions: W 46 × D 40 × H 39 cm, inner dimensions: W 42 × D 36 × H 33 cm
Weight: 12 kg
Material: tubular steel; sheet steel, powder coated

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Series Container DS

A byword for stowing and transporting: the overseas shipping container featuring the archetypal surface of folded steel. We offer this cabinet furniture in a miniaturised form of overseas shipping containers in four different designs. These well-proportioned storage boxes serve many purposes, and you can put them to use in a variety of spaces. All models have perforations in the bottom so that you can pass cables through them. The classic containers, as well as the flat and small models, have doors hinged at the top of the body. When opened, these doors slide into the top of the body and disappear almost completely. The DS PLUS container stands upright and has a conventional revolving door hinged at the side.

The classic one: The CONTAINER DS comes in the proportions of an overseas shipping container and is the prototype of the CONTAINER DS series. It serves as a cupboard in the living room and stores your porcelain and all the accessories for the well-laid table; in the office, it holds ring binders and lever arch files in the standard format as well as office utensils. It provides an appealing chest of drawers for linen and a smart supplement for the coat rack in the hallway. Thanks to its simple rectangular form, it combines effortlessly with a variety of complementary accessories. You can choose from various feet and castors and two different scaffolding frames when looking for a basis for your CONTAINER DS. The outer contour of the container and the shelf TARA are identical. You can stack one onto the other using the connectors included in the delivery. A matching wardrobe rack complements the container to a high-functional wardrobe. We offer the CONTAINER DS in selected colours with a lock.

The flat one: The base of the CONTAINER DS FLAT has the same dimensions as the base of the classic CONTAINER DS; therefore, you can connect them and stack one on top of the other. The accessories mentioned above (developed for the classic CONTAINER DS) fit the flat one as well. If you build a stack of containers in the classic format, you will find it easier to generate a specific height with a flat element in the stack. The low-rise CONTAINER DS FLAT is particularly useful for storing papers and smaller utensils. You can even mount it on the wall with a separately available console and use it as a shelf for countless purposes.

The small one: The CONTAINER DS SMALL is the smaller version of the CONTAINER DS though it does not have the proportions of an overseas shipping container. Unlike the archetypal DS, it is narrower, with identical depth and height. With its small size and unusual format, it may serve as an occasional piece of furniture next to the bed and sofa. It is solid enough so that you can stack one on the other up to a considerable height. You can mount all separately available feet and matching castors to its base. Unlike the other models of this series, each CONTAINER DS SMALL comes with a smooth cover shelf in the respective colour.

The high one: The CONTAINER DS PLUS is an exceptional piece of furniture with a distinct range of uses. In an upright position, it serves as a locker-like wardrobe. Moreover, you can build large cabinets with one or more of them stacked on top of each other in the kitchen, office and other places. We include the square connectors you need to stack these large containers as we do with all models of the series. The CONTAINER DS PLUS features a clothes rail; plus, you can order a specially designed shelf separately.