Product description

Luna c, ceiling light
Dimmable aluminium ceiling light with adjustable light distribution by means of deflecting disc (black-white reflector)

Diameter: 376 mm
Height: 470 mm
Illuminant: 2 x QT14 max. 60 W G9 or 2 x QT12 max. 65 W GY6.35

powder-coated, black matte
powder-coated, white matte
polished chrome

Product family


The Luna concept is based on an intriguing light distribution system. Light is shone onto a pivoting double-sided reflector that has a different coating on each side. The light is then either reflected or dimmed. The lighting angle and intensity can therefore be adjusted manually. For nuanced lighting effects, the floor version Luna f also offers the convenience of an electric floor dimmer. The actual light source itself cannot be seen as the illuminant is integrated into Luna’s design. Besides its unusual light system, Luna also has a distinctive shape and finish. All models have a continuous finish, making the light a remarkable sculptural feature in a room. As is the case for all Lumini lights, Luna is hand-made – just like a piece of art, all the parts are individually welded by hand.