Product description

Floor lamp in steel and Nebulite®.
210x70 cm
E27 105w power light
Available in different colours combinations:
Nebulite® white
White/white, white/red, white/orange, white/turquoise, white/gold
Black/white, black/red, black/orange, black/turquoise, black/gold

“Mezza luna piantana” is realized in steel and Nebulite® with a base made through a specific fusion technique. It comes in a limited and numbered edition. The idea behind it is to create an aesthetic interaction between the person and it’s environment. Careful attention has been paid to details and the materials are chosen specifically, such as Nebulite® , which creates an evocative and distinctive refraction of light, metal alloy, steel and resin.

Product family


The “Mezza luna” pendant, with a pure and evocative design, it’s realized in Nebulite®. It comes in a monochromatic and transparent version or various color combinations with a outer matt and smooth finish, creating an interesting contrast between the outside and the inside of the lamp.

Now available also with the outer surface in cement like finish, in different color combinations:
Cement finish: grey/white, grey/red, grey/orange, grey/turquoise, grey/gold.”