Aluminium wall light for direct and indirect lighting with indoor and outdoor versions. No need for any tools: an array of different lighting effects can be created with just a twist of the wrist. You can choose whether the light is emitted at a wide or narrow angle, and whether to have open or closed sides.

Versions: high-voltage and low-voltage models for indoors and outdoors
Indoors (IP20): high- and low-voltage / Outdoors (IP13): high-voltage
Colours: black matte, white matte, titanium, brushed aluminium
Dimensions: high-voltage h=107 mm, w= 102 mm, d=78 mm
low-voltage h=107 mm, w= 102 mm, d=93,5 mm
Outdoors (IP13): high-voltage: =107 mm, w= 102 mm, d=78 mm

Illuminant: 1 x qt-14 max. 40 W - g9 or 1 x qt-12 max. 50 W - gy6.35