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Bossa is by far the best-known light produced by the leading Brazilian lighting manufacturer Lumini. Its creator is Fernando Prado who has long been acclaimed as a distinguished designer in Brazil. The special feature of the Bossa pendant light, which has scooped awards from around the globe, is its light distribution system that allows the lighting to be changed from direct to indirect just by pulling the lampshade. At the same time, a reflector in the shade prevents people from being dazzled – or stops the light source from being reflected in glass tables.

Pure and minimalist in appearance, Bossa also features refined, intelligent technical design.

Bossa is available in four different shade diameters: 192 mm // 370 mm // 500 mm // 750 mm

In line with the current trend towards the use of metal in modern architectural design, all sizes now come in silver and in gold as well as white and black.