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Toldbod 290 Post
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Toldbod provides concentrated downward and glare-free lighting. The inside is painted white to ensure good reflection, and optimal efficiency.

Finish: Aluminium coloured with textured surface, powder coated.
Material: Shield: Injection moulded clear polycarbonate. Fixture head: Die cast aluminium. Pole top: Galvanized, steel.
Mounting: Installation cable: 3.5 m, 2x1 mm2 or 3.5 m, 3x1 mm2.
Weight: Max. 6 kg.
Class: Ingress protection IP44. Electric shock protection I w. ground, II w/o ground. F-mark: Yes.
Info notes: Approved for vapour lamps up to 125W HME and 70W HSE-E. The control gear for TC-TEL versions is placed in the fixture head. For class I and II incandescent and vapour lamp versions, please order the ”inc. & vap. lamps” version and note that control gear for these versions is not supplied as standard and must be ordered separately (semi-parallel ballast/ignitor and capacitor) and placed in the pole. Fixture heads without pole are available for Ø 48mm or Ø 60mm poles. For fixture complete with Ø 60mm pole: Choose "for Ø 48mm pole" (pole stub); outer pole dimension is Ø 60mm. Please note that for the pole both the pole top, arm and the pole itself are galvanized. Galvanized surfaces will oxidate and form a thin zinc-oxide layer on the surface during time. This can result in an inconsistent surface finish during oxidation. This process might have begun already during stocking/transportation. The formed zinc-oxide layer protects the galvanizing against additional corrosion.

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Key features
- Designed according to the PH ellipse reflector - Post & Wall provides concentrated downward & glare free illumination - Inside painted white - ensuring good reflection - Pendant creates soft, uniform illumination - Three-layer glass ensures evenly lit surface

The fixture emits glare-free light directed primarily downwards. The opal glass provides a comfortable and uniform illumination of the area around the fixture.