Product description

The fixture emits symmetrical light directed downwards. The angle of the internal diffuser, together with the slightly curved top shade, ensures a wide band of glare-free, uniform lighting.

Aluminium coloured with textured surface or graphite grey, powder coated.

Top shade: White or black, injection moulded ASA. Enclosure: Injection moulded clear polycarbonate. Frame: Die cast aluminium.

Installation cable: 0.6m 3x0.75mm2 (Class I) or 0.6m, 2x0.75mm2 (Class II). Terminal strip: 1x2x2.5mm² or 1x3x2.5mm². For post top: Ø 60mm. Driver and terminal: placed in bottom of the pole.

Max: 12.89 kg.

Ingress protection IP66. Electric shock protection I w. ground, II w/o ground. IK10.

Info notes:
Driver is placed in the pole. The innovation of the LED technology is constant. The specifications mentioned are based on present technology. Please find updated info on products on our website Mounting: for pole Ø 60 mm. A Retro Fit Kit is available for updating conventional Kipp variants to become a LED variant. LED-DP: Version for reduced power at night time. Default setting: 50% power in 8 hours. For LED replacement kit please do contact Louis Poulsen.

Specification notes:
Transition pieces for Ø 60/90mm or Ø 60/115mm poles to be bought as accessories. For the LED version, the electrical module is located in the post adjacent to the post module. Aluminium colour versions are supplied with white top shade and graphite grey versions are supplied with black top shade.

Product family


The angling of the inner diffuser ensures together with the slightly curved design of the top shade a wide and uniform distribution of the light. The internal diffuser furthermore provides optimum and glare-free lighting.