Product description

Saturn provides ceiling, wall & floor with light - High architectural adaptability - Saturn provides general & accent illumination - Saturn Micro emits sparkling festive light - Anti-glare ring shields lamp from view

The fixture emits light directed upwards and downwards. The horizontal half ring reflects the light in both directions. The fixture is available in two variants: a two light source version and a one light source version. The two light source variant: The anti-glare rings make the fixture glare-free for passers-by. The one lightsource variant: The opal diffuser emits a soft light for general illumination.

White, powder coated.

Story behind the product
The Saturn Wall was originally developed to fulfill the need for a wall fixture to provide the ceiling, the walls and the floor with light. These wall fixtures hold the design quality that makes them suitable in any type of architectural environment.

Diffuser: Injection moulded opal polycarbonate (TC-DEL). Saturn ring: Punched steel. Anti-glare rings: Form pressed steel. Back plate: Punched steel.

Terminal block: 1x3x2.5mm². Cable entries: 2x rear + 2x top entries, Ø 19mm. Looping: Approved, max. 3x1,5mm². Ballast positioning: In wall box.

Max. 4.5kg.

Ingress protection IP20. Electric shock protection I w. ground.

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