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The fixture emits symmetrical glare-free light directed downwards. The top shade helps direct the light downwards and prevent light from being emitted upwards. The white painted reflectors result in diffuse and comfortable light distribution. The reflector ring protects against direct glare and does also serve as a heat sink.

Aluminium coloured with textured surface, graphite with textured surface or grey, powder coated.

Top shade: Form pressed glass fibre. Enclosure: Injection moulded clear polycarbonate.Heat sink/fixture housing: Die-cast aluminium. Base: Die cast aluminium. Struts: Stainless steel.

Pole dimension: Ø 76mm. Installation cable: 5m, 3x1.5mm2 + 2x0.5mm2 (Class I) or 5m, 2x1.5mm2 + 2x0.5mm2 (Class II). LED driver: In the fixture head.

Max: 21.11 kg.

Ingress protection IP66. Electric shock protection I w. ground, II w/o ground. IK10.

Info notes:
Transition pieces for Ø 60mm and Ø 115mm pole can be bought as accessory parts. Mounting: for pole Ø 76 mm. The innovation of the LED technology is constant. The specifications mentioned are based on present technology. Please find updated info on products on our website

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The design of the reflector ring directs the major part of the light downwards. The anti-glare ring shields the light source from direct view.

Info notes: The control gear for class I versions is placed in the fixture head. Control gear for the HI-C version is placed in the fixture head. For class II incandescent and vapour lamp versions, note that control gear for these versions is not supplied as standard and must be ordered separately (semi-parallel ballast/ignitor and capacitor) and placed in the pole. The class I vapour lamp versions with control gear in the fixture head are phase-compensated except from the HSE-E version which is not phase-compensated. Transition pieces for Ø 60mm and Ø 70mm pole can be bought as accessory parts.