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Brezza | Zefiro System | Framed version
Brezza | Zefiro System
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Linvisibile BREZZA Zefiro System, is a system of flanked vertical pivot panels, light and easy to handle, for the compartmentalization of environments which don’t require absolute intimacy. They are born from the concept of “screens”.
The panels are installed in line and can be realized from floor to ceiling, or at a predefined height, rotating on a central pivot that allows a 360° movement, without a defined “resting” position.
The modularity of the system leaves great design freedom, both for the number of doors and for the finishes applicable to them.

The customer can choose the number of panels, depending on the space to compartmentalize and, also, can choose whether to apply different finishes on the facades or to compose an a-symmetrical system of panels.

The Zefiro System is available in two versions:

– Zefiro System wood-based panel version: it’s composed of 50 mm thick hollow-core panels (honeycomb) made of perimetric hardwood and polished MDF sides. Panel without rebate to allow the leaf’s complete rotation, predisposed for housing the lower and upper pins. Available in finishes: base coat, natural and veneered wood, lacquered (also moulded panel). Class E1, low formaldehyde emission.

– Zefiro System framed version: the panels are composed of a perimetric frame in extruded aluminium 60 mm thick, which can be anodized or painted in various colours, and allows the insertion of different finishes: retro lacquered glass, special glass, mirror, leather, metal, ceramic, Alcantara®, etc., also combinable between each other. The customer can further customize the product by requesting only the frame (supplied disassembled) in which he must insert his own finish (developed in accordance to the specifications provided by LINVISIBILE).
Technical features and details
Its reduced frame offers the possibility of creating systems with a high number of panels, and can be realized in two alternative configurations:

– With UPPER BEAM, which guarantees the perfect anchoring of aluminium to the ceiling (masonry and plasterboard), supplied in parts to facilitate its transportation, and to be assembled via joints before ceiling installation. Paintable with good quality water-based paints, enamels, etc.

– With a TEMPLATE for the positioning of the pins directly to the finished ceiling.
Dimensions and personalizations
Both systems can be manufactured in a multi-panel composition, with a defined width of 300, 400 and 500 mm, in height from 1900 mm to 3500 mm.

Technical characteristics:

• On both versions; possibility of finishes with see-through motifs (after previous evaluation by the technical office).
• Available in masonry or plasterboard versions.
• Aluminium cross-piece divided into several parts to be joined on site.
• Gaps: Upper 10 mm, lower: 9 mm, between the panels: 10 mm, in regards of the wall (if present): 5 mm.
• Maximum composition: not foreseen (subject to verification of site conditions).
• It is possible to supply panels of different widths in the same system.
• Mechanical/electric locks not foreseen.
• The application of handles is not foreseen.

Finishes: Base Layer - Wood-Based Panel, Lacquering - Wood-Based Panel, Wood Veneer - Wood-Based Panel, Wood Essence - Wood-Based Panel, Special Glass - Framed, Glass - Framed, Mirror - Framed, Leather - Framed, Metal - Framed, Alcantara® - Framed, Ceramics - Framed, Anodisation - Framed