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Lindner Plafotherm® DS TAS
Plafotherm® DS TAS
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Heated/Chillled Canopy Ceiling Lindner Plafotherm® DS TAS

Lindner’s Heated/Chilled Canopy Ceiling with air-conducting aluminum channel activates concrete cores and controls indoor temperatures. The multifunctional canopy stands out due to its sophisticated design.

Numerous modes of operation allow the Heated/Chilled Canopy Ceiling to adapt itself to different requirements. Plafotherm ® DS TAS is mainly used for ventilating and cooling rooms though it can also be used for heating or holding various lighting fixtures.

The supporting aluminum channel is perforated on the back and serves as air diffuser. What is more: The ceiling panels can also be perforated in different ways, thus significantly improving the acoustics in your room.

The heated/chilled ceiling canopy not only fulfills various functional purposes but also sets high aesthetical standards. With a panoply of surface finishes ranging from RAL and NCS colours to photo-based designs, Lindner Plafotherm ® DS TAS leaves ample scope for creativity.