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acoustic floors
acoustic floors
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Lindner acoustic floors – High quality that makes itself heard.

Lindner carries two floor systems that improve the acoustics in your room. The floor panels will be perforated according to your requirements. Together with special sound-absorbing elements, these perforations significantly add to the indoor sound absorption - unnoticed under the floor covering.

FLOOR and more ® acoustic – Inside the record.
The FLOOR and more® panel is particularly impressive in terms of stability and environmental compatibility. The edges of the panels are tongue and grooved and glued together, allowing for a quick and simple installation of the floor which is perfectly suited for conference rooms and meeting points.

NORTEC acoustic – On the Q.T.
Our NORTEC floor panel is a state-of- the-art product with outstanding properties. The maintenance-friendly floor system is ideal for large rooms requiring highly sound-absorbing furniture. High density and a first-class underfoot comfort make NORTEC acoustic the best choice for open space offices and call centres.
Your benefits at a glance:
• Impressive degree of sound absorption αw ≤ 0.75
• Carrier panel made of “non-combustible” calcium sulphate
• Classified as emission-free and building-biological safe
• A wide range of different floor coverings
• Compatible with each other and other floor systems