The POWER LINE SLIM 30mm profile is high Quality anodizing aluminum LED profile with “LEDs DOTS FREE” frosted diffuser. The profile has been designed to work as independent suspended or surface mounting LED profile prepared for future installation of high
power power LEDs [up to 30W/m]. Massive aluminum weight [1,1kg/m] and dimensions provides excellent thermal heat sink to the LEDs and also presents itself as the nice, stylish and professionally looking housing. The profile it is able to handle and maintain stable temperature [45/50o] at long period of time the in load up to 30W/m. The anodizing surface of the profile is specially treated to be free of any micro screeches or extrusion process flows marks. The profile is coming with choice of two high Quality UV resistant,
snap-in diffusers in frosted and transparent. The free space chamber can be use for hiding the power supplier and cables. LED profile is available related accessories such as color matching aluminum end caps which helps professionally finish the profile.

• High Quality specially treated anodizing aluminum surface
• High Quality UV resistant polycarbonate snap in diffuser, 30mm wide
• Two different light diffusers to choice from, frosted (LEDs DOTs FREE) and transparent.
• LEDs DOTs FREE design (frosted diffuser)
• Contemporary design which can be suspended from the ceiling or surface installed
• Excellent heat sink to the high power LEDs
• Suitable for standard or high power LED stripes up to 30W/m
• Separate chamber to hide LED power supplier, cables
• Available on stock in anodized silver color free of any extrusion marks
• Possible length and anodizing color customize at MOQ
• Available on stock with dedicated aluminum end caps
• Indoor use only, IP20

• LED lamp component
• Retail store main ceiling LED lighting
• Suspended LED lighting lamp
• Exhibitions, hotels, restaurants main LED lighting
• Decorative linear LED lightingn hospitals, underground
• Walkways LED lighting