Product description

LED CREE 27,5W (Down) 3.052 lm(N)
LED CREE 12,5W (Up) 1.387 lm(N)
3000K included

Product family


GROK introduces the new STREAM linear hanging light, made of high performance polyurethane.
This part provides an upper light CREE LED 12.5 W (Up) 1,387 lm (N), and a lower light CREE LED of 27.5 W (down) 3,052 lm (N).
The user can choose which type of light to use and with which intensity, thanks to two touch-sensitive dimmer switches (one for the top light and the other for lower light).
In addition, Stream incorporates a counterweight that allows the height of the light to be adjusted as required.
All the quality and technical precision of this hanging light is topped off with a finish in white that gives elegance to the minimalist, modern, and contemporary light.