Product description

15,9x15,9 cm / 6.3x6.3”
32,2x32,2 cm / 12.7x12.7”
32,2x48,5 cm / 12.7x19.1”
48,5x48,5 cm / 19.1x19.1”


Rain Forest is the eternal rock that imprisons the forces of nature. It is a force that fascinates; it is the extreme resistance of the exclusive enamelled grès porcelain. It is available in five chromatic tonalities, frost-resistant and anti-slip to make it suitable for interior or exterior environments. It is ductile for various architectonic requirements thanks to the range of formats, decorations and special pieces.

Rain Forest is manufactured with 40 % of pre-consumer recycled materials (2 LEED points).

Base: glazed stoneware GL
Minimum recommended joint : 4mm
Thickness: 10mm
Surface finish: natural
Edge: naturale