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Petra Krausová >
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Czech Republic
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Interior lighting-Suspended lights >
Interior lighting-Suspended lights >

Product description

Since being founded in 2007 by Leon Jakimic, Lasvit has been pushing the boundaries of traditional Bohemian glass blowing techniques, collaborating with international designers to create objects that are relevant in a contemporary context. The company expresses its progressiveness by intersecting technology with traditional manufacturing methods and introducing programmable lighting glass kinetic sculptures. To demonstrate its on-going research and development related to this topic, Lasvit presents Supernova by Petra Krausova.

The breathtaking Supernova, an interactive glass kinetic sculpture, introduces the future into the present. It magically transforms itself in both time and space, responding to the viewer’s movement by changing its form. The installation is composed of clear glass elements with linear texture that creates fascinating light patterns while moving through various angles. Supernova´s overall shape pays homage to last year’s kinetic sculpture, Alice. Supernova invites us to look beyond the glass. Its beauty comes alive with unexpected movement and refraction of light. When exploring the universe, scientists use prismatic refraction in order to identify a supernova’s composition, temperature, pressure, density and expansion. Here, it’s up to the viewer to look through the glass and into the light, aware that this creative burst is likely to outshine its galaxy.

Dimensions: Dia 3700/3800 × H 1000 mm × OH 1700 mm
Light source: ONE OB20 RGBW 54W + ONE RGBW 8W
Weight: 2600 kg
Primary materia: Hand-blown glass