JO is a stackable cantilever chair with a square section tube and seat in curved plywood. This type of chair is an icon of modern furniture an is for Lapalma an unexplored market niche, for sure interesting for contract and residential.
The designer explains :“I felt in love with the thinnest line of 30x10 mm. For this reason I’ve tried to find an idea, an idea for a chair. With JO I wanted to conceive a stackable chair of the cantilever type, that could also have armrests”.
The line of the tube 30x10 mm is a continuous loop that surround the most part of the seat: the protrusion of the seat is not only aesthetic, but solve the important purpose of a cantilever chair, increasing its flexibility.

Sizes: 50x57, h. 84 cm (seat height 45 cm)

Finishes: teak, blanched oak, oak stained black open pore, leather