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The innovative FaMA solar street light represents the raising awareness and constant research of LAMP into sustainability and the environment. FaMA is a powered street light ideal for exterior lighting both in public and private spaces as well as in urban, rural or isolated areas. It can be installed anywhere it is wished to achieve major energy savings or where the electricity supply is inaccessible. FaMA (Modular, Autonomous Street Light) is made up of various elements which can be replaced without affecting the other components.

FaMA thus comprises:
- Two photovoltaic modules with a light sensor intended to generate power of 120Wp with a total surface area of 0.92 m2. The luminaire is self-managed thanks to its light sensor which controls the flow of the luminaire in line with the provision of daytime light, as well as its electronic night cycles program.

- Dune Leds Luminaire fitted with high power and lenses which provide a photometric curve on the road. Its 48 LEDS with neutral white colour temperature (4650oK) provide a light flow of 5,480 lumens, an IRC of 70 and a duration of over 50,000 hours.

- A Nickel-Metal Hydride battery housed in the pole base to prevent it from being stolen. It does not require maintenance and has a power of 720W/h with autonomy of 24h (three nights) and a duration of 10-15 years (depending on the weather conditions). The charging time is 12h (1 sunny day).

- Its shaft is made of extruded aluminium endowed with great mechanical resistance, octagon-shaped, thereby forming a series of cells which promote battery cooling for its optimum operation. The shaft height can be customised.
Thanks to its architectonic design, its energy efficiency and its robustness, the new FaMa light fitting is the ideal solution for lighting car parks, nautical clubs, golf courses, promenades etc.