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Street luminaire


An organically designed street luminaire that mixes perfectly in the surrounding area without offering resistance to gusts of wind and with high quality technical features, such as IP66 street optics, adjustable up to 60º.
One of the most significant particularities of this luminaire is its highly flexible hinge joint that allows it to adapt to all column types and light poles without the need for additional fixtures.
Power threshold is between 50 and 150W with halide lamps and high pressure sodium. Available in 2 versions: Class I and Class II.
Due to its low maintenance requirements, without the need for tools and its 70% performance, DUNE is the ideal solution for lighting pedestrian walkways, reverse priority streets and urban streets.
The urban luminaire DUNE LEDs IP66 is fitted with high-power LEDs and lenses that provide street photometric curve lighting.

The 48 LEDs have a colour temperature of 4650ºK (neutral white), with a power supply of 350 mA and a luminous flux of 5400 lumens, which guarantees 80% performance and a total consumption of 61W.
One of its most relevant features is that it has a heat sink that guarantees an optimal low operating temperature, which guarantees a long useful life and a good luminous flux of the LEDs. There is also a drain in the heat sink to prevent foreign objects from obstructing the cooling fins.
This Class II luminaire has a hinge joint that enables great flexibility to adapt to any type of column or post, without needing an additional adapter.
Thanks to its LED technology, it has a long useful life (60,000 hours), is efficient, does not emit light pollution, is environmentally-friendly and emits even and comfortable light.
Because of its organic and reduced design it integrates perfectly into the space without standing against the wind. It is ideal for pedestrian and urban streets, about 4 to 6 m high.