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Birgitte Borup >, Carsten Nikolaj Becker >
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Kids furniture-Kids stools >
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Product description

Prize winning furniture icon for children.
Puzzle is just as much a range of furniture as a play tool designed for children and on their terms. The shape is just as simple as it is genius, where both the element and the construction form a table and stools.

Children come and go, look and search around, play individually or in a group or gather together to hear a story read aloud. Activities that place demands on receiving and at the same time create space for them. Puzzle invites both children and staff (either individually or together) to gather, stack and place out in different patterns or arrangements, all with a clear pedagogic for stimulating the child’s imagination and creativity. At the end of the activity or at closing time it is just as easy to put the table and stools away or to prepare for the next activity.

Puzzle has been part of a number of exhibitions internationally and has also won the prestigious Japanese G-mark Prize in the category Good Design Grand Prize and the Norwegian Design Prize Designers Saturday. Puzzle and its puzzle-like qualities connected to the child’s motoric development through play wins attention and has, among others, been purchased by Lego.

Width: 900 mm
Depth: 900 mm
Height: 460 mm

Width: 350 mm
Height: 280 mm

Material: Veneered birch plywood

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