An eye catching two seater
The PicNik is a table-seating combination specially created for the balcony, small surfaces, semi-public spaces, or as an indoors side piece object. Made from a standard, massive plate of aluminium, PicNik behaves like a 'piece of art', while integrating itself into the surroundings. Its simplicity in design and its contemporary colours make it a must-have for the urban 'bourgeois-bohemian

Intelligent use of materials results in an astonishing shape.
Outdoors as well as indoors, PicNiks quiet and stylish presence makes it into a real objet d’art and elegant garden furniture. The one piece double seater is a joint creation by Dirk Wynants & Xavier Lust. For people owning several pieces, their stacking ability makes it easy to store them.
PicNik also is available in a glossy red, white and black finish. We recommend to use this finish indoors however.

Durable solidity
Made of half a 10 mm thick standard sheet of aluminium: extremely durable and solid, makes Picnik 100 % aluminium garden furniture. Achromatising and a powder-coated finish make PicNik almost indestructible even when used as public outdoor garden and patio furniture.

PicNik mission
Creating a resting point, in any environment you like. Sitting at the PicNik is a personal moment when you don’t want to be disturbed.

Key points
° functional flexibility in an attractive design
You can put your PicNik where ever you want, indoor, outdoor, and use it for many applications: as an additional table, terrace table, … PicNik doesn’t need things such as table cloths or what ever. Its design is so clear and impressive that it creates a cosy, quiet moment.

° Materials
Picknik is cut and folded out of half a standard sheet of aluminium, so there is almost no waste of material.