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Strates Steel
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Product description

The structure of STRATES STEEL consists of two supporting elements made by 20 ribs, each one in solid exotic wood, 110x200xh2500mm, treated with natural waterproof oils and joined almost invisibly. The two elements are linked by 4 M20 tie rods together with 4 tube bars 20x2 in stainless steel AISI 304.
The seat and the cover are in galvanised steel EN10346DX51D+Z. The first one, pierced by a laser cut, is 30/10 thick, while the second one is 20/10 thick. Both are supported by two steel EN10111DD1 and laser-shaped elements, T. 10/10, and they are fixed with M5 screws on 24 “C” structures in steel EN10111DD1, 50x30x3 mm, which are fixed to both the supporting structures through M10 screws fixed on appropriate bearings for wood.
The two parts in contact with the ground are covered by a galvanised steel EN10346DX51D+Z element, bent as a “C”, 80x100x80 mm T. 30/10.
All the steel EN10111DD1 elements are then cold galvanised and all the elements are polyester powder coated.

H= 2500 mm
H seat = 430-480 mm
Length= 4000 mm
Width = 1130 mm
Width of the seat 910 mm