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KURTH Cowhide carpets are hand-crafted unique pieces of first class cowhide – every single Cowhide is not the same as the other. With the right look for coat patterns and colors of the carpets are hand cut and expertly sorted and worked. All carpets are exclusively made to order. Every Cowhide is unique

Products of cowhides are unique and show the natural features of the skin. This is done on purpose. The hair length of the fur varies from summer to winter coat, so that the skin is sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. Not every season all hair lengths are available. Without exception, all skins show a great variety in the execution. This is the result of natural origin and climatic changes and evidence for the authenticity of the material. Therefore, the images have only exemplary character. Customer requirements for quality of the coat pattern and execution, we always try to take into account. Variations in color, texture and hair length are signs for the authenticity of the material and not a lack of quality.

Coloured Hides:
In various colors dyed cowhides from the captivate your brilliance of color. Depending on hair length and hair the color of the line varies over some nuances.

Natural skins:
The coat patterns of the natural cowhide in black and white, brown and white and exot subject to the whims of nature. Likewise, the color distribution varies with each coat.

Applications for the KURTH Cowhide Carpets:
Cowhides are real and provide comfort in living and sleeping areas. In high traffic areas should cowhides, the quality of love, not designed.

Possible variants:
You can get all of our cowhides collection in natural form. On request we can equip you with a high quality Cowhideat the back with a rubber coating slip on the bottom. The models Q2-Q4 and Q6 are back equipped with a high quality rubber coating. This ensures that the cowhide carpets on smooth flat and slippery floors are. In addition, the impact sound insulation and lamination provides a pleasant walking comfort. The carpet tiles Q5 is equipped with a rear felt.