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Quadrat free standing minipool
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Product description

QUADRAT MINIPOOL is an indoor/outdoor minipool with infinity edge that comes in a free-standing or built-in version. The free-standing variant features absolute, sculpted geometrics and thanks to its recessed base and LED strip lighting, it looks like a shape suspended in space. The edge has a big trim that merges with the surface of the water. In the built-in version, it is flush with the floor. The pool is very easy to get into.

“We are continuing our project of no-frills aesthetics for outdoor products, taking the values of the indoor tubs outside. A tub for the garden must be eye-catching and this is the reason behind our design of Quadrat Minipool. We have resized the height of the mini pool to keep big-impact essential proportions together with ease of use. Thanks to its refined elegant geometrics, this mini pool becomes a small spa with chromotherapy and hydromassage.” Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

Also designed for inside use, it is perfect whether for contract and hotels or private homes. Its size has been studied to make it easy to move and position even indoors. With a bench and blower for lying down or sitting and a lower ledge with room for 3 or 4 people, it also has an adjustable hydromassage system, offering a selection of different kinds of back or leg massage with variable jet intensity and direction. The nozzles can be adjusted separately to give diversified flow: linear, rotating, soft or rapid. Hydromassage, blower, hydro-colour with underwater spots and a water-heating system guarantee total wellbeing for the senses.

Built-in or free standing minipool. Suitable for center room, wall or corner installation
Seating for 3 or 4 people

Fiberglass / gel coat

White / sand colors

Whirlpool, blower, Idrocolore, water heating system, filtration system, ozonator, remote control.

Bluetooth amplifier

Measures :
2110 mm x 2110 mm, depth 550 mm, free standing h 680 mm – capacity about 1000 l.