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Avec Toi
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Ludovica Palomba >, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba >, Roberto Palomba >
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Bathroom fixtures-Shower screens >

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Avec Toi built in three sides version.

1800 x 900 x h 2300 mm

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Total and complete lightness - both physical and aesthetic - in this the ultimate expression of the multi-function shower box. The innovative aluminium structure makes it possible to reduce the thickness of the supports and dimensions for the panels creating a light and sophisticated area of wellness. In its ultra-thin elements Avec recalls the minimalist style of architecture but in terms of its components the most modern features offered by electronics. Kos adapts design to serve the needs of wellness and at the same time adds interactive electronic technology. Ludovica+Roberto Palomba designer: "For us architecture and design macro and micro speak the same language. In AVEC we wanted to express the complex simplicity of a glass-house. A micro home version of the glass exhibition hall transparent very simple and immediate in its visual perception but at the same time extremely complex in its technical design." Avec is a veritable domestic micro-pavilion. Simple easy to interpret of highly complex technical development. Characterized by an ultra-light aluminium frame which results in the end product's minimal thickness Avec is a complex micro-universe of wellbeing enclosed within ample transparent walls. The Avec Moi free-standing version can come complete with a wall with integrated taps for an external washbasin: a new bathroom space - and innovative way to enjoy your invigorating shower every day. Avec Toi with its imposing dimensions can be used by several people simultaneously. Adding pleasure and lucidity to our invigorating daily shower. Avec Small of restrained dimensions enriches every ambience with style and designer flair.