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Product description

“It s very interesting how you can interpret a theme so common as the shower cubicle finding a new idea. When Boffi asked us to plan a shower we immediately thought of the idea of using a Pivot-hinge (the door rotates on an axis recessed from the edge), for having a lighter product. Then we imagined a steel strip as support for door and shower walls. This tape enters and exits the crystal sheet, disappearing inside the glass”.M. Armani

In TAPE it s possible to find the Monica Armani s work hallmarks: design and technology. This project technology has been useful to work a beloved material by the designer, the glass, which is considered a magnifying glass that wraps objects emphasizing the detail. TAPE is transparency, a steel band penetrates the crystal, creating a game inside and out. Thus was born a new benchmark for functional use. A simple idea to re-invent a shower cubicle.

Shower cubicle with crystal hinged door. A special effect is created by the crystal door which rotates on a pivot remaining partially inside and outside the structural beam. The crystal door in front of steel strip further enhances the material. It can be used with different sized shower trays in white Ceramilux®.

Technical features :
made of 8mm. tempered extra light Float glass.
Structural beam and hinge in brushed AISI 304 stainless steel.
Doors: H. 2100, W. 800/900 mm.
Fixed door: H.2100 mm., variable W.
Shower trays in white Ceramilux®.
800x800 1000 1200 1400-1600 mm.
900x900 1000 1200 1400-1600 mm.