Motor-driven desk connector panels of KOMTECH simplify the use of media technology in your conference room. The Design Line has a smooth surface and fastening of connectors is invisible. With this connector panel modern equipment will be a part of your bureau and conference rooms. The user-friendly system and individual connectors with latest technology guarantee an easy understanding for employees and visitors. As like all connector panels, KOMTECH offers maximum individuality with this connector panel. The mounting leaves nothing to be desired and complies with all requirements in a modern conference room. Unused the connector panel is still a piece of table surface. By pushing the green arrow, the connector panel turns from the rest position to the table surface. Integrated sensors detect the using and prevents the unwanted closing. If all connectors have been removed, the connector panel could turn back into rest position via pushing the red arrow. Now it locks to a flat surface. Is the connector panel unused for a while it closed automatically. So it creats an organised appearance in conference rooms.