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Lissoni Avio Sofa System
Avio Sofa System
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W 381 cm x D 265 cm x H 72 cm

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The technological soul of the Avio Sofa System by Piero Lissoni, the new, contemporary and versatile system of modular sofas from Knoll, is today broadened thanks to an innovative patented mechanism and original asymmetric elements. Aesthetics and technology are increasingly its distinctive features: ideal for those who enjoy a solid and elegant design, an expression of a comfortable and relaxed lifestyle.

As with all souls, it lives within the system, hidden from view: a mechanism activated with a simple gesture that rotates the end seating element to make resting, reading and conversation even more comfortable. This year, Avio also evolves by incorporating asymmetry: the corner version goes beyond the idea of the right angle, and offers a scalene triangle of innovative and generous proportions that serves as an end element to form compositions of irregular beauty.

Describing the sofa, Piero Lissoni says: "I imagined that Avio could move, responding to the user's wish for convenience and socialibity. For this I designed a mechanism that is hidden but at the same time appealing, like the detailing of certain motorbikes, and most importantly very easy to use.” Linked to this idea of movement, a large, irregular end or corner element has been introduced that slightly alters the pure and precise line of Avio, suggesting a more informal and relaxed atmosphere, a conception of elegance with a touch of idiosyncrasy.

The renewed Avio is now also presented in a more compact version, without sacrificing any of the aesthetic appeal of the original. This version features a seat that is slightly less deep, enabling it to fit into smaller spaces while always offering unparalleled moments of relaxation.
Modular or linear, with a light, load-bearing structure - a steel beam from which support points branch out for seats, backrests, tables - Avio combines balance, functionality and aesthetics, devoting careful attention to detail and playing on the contrast between the lightness of the thin frame and generous volumes of the seats. This contrast leads to a harmonious sofa that is ideal for both home and contract, marrying perfectly with the stylistic creativity of Florence Knoll.
With the Avio Sofa System, Knoll expands its collections of upholstered furniture, rendering them more complete and measured in terms of functional harmony, styles and requirements.